Repairing a Noisy Water Heater

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Gas Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Repair

Often we are contacted to check out at a noisy water heater. Popping and banging noises could be resulting from an issue with the water heater, but it’s likewise an annoyance. This content will look at the reasons why ones water heater may start making noise and what homeowners can do to fix the issue. Prior to contacting us for a possible Baltimore water heater repair, examine the information below on the most popular water heater problems and solutions.

Typical Causes of Water Heater NoisesWater Heater Sediment Repair Baltimore

The most common reason behind a noisy water heater is the fact that one can find sediment build-up. The sediment accumulation is a natural event that will happen inside of the water storage tank. It is essentially made up of calcium and magnesium deposits and is especially a difficulty in households that have hard water.

When the sediment develops, it’s going to trap a little part of hot water under it. This causes the hot water to boil as the tank runs. The boiling water bubbles pop, that are the noises that are noticed.

Furthermore, the sediment itself could possibly be the cause of the noises. The sediment, which is situated at the bottom of the tank, becomes burnt up producing strange noises. And occasionally, the sediment will get carried up towards the top of the tank and breaks off resulting in sounds as it plummets back down, hitting the sides of the tank as it does so.

What is your noisy water heater telling you? Here’s an Ask Lou segment from last week with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

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Avoiding Water Heater Sounds

If it happens to be sediment build-up that is what’s resulting in the noises, the heater should be assessed. We can do this and provide the storage tank a flush or suggest another solution.

You can also avoid sediment accumulation
by having expert maintenance done on the storage tank at least once a year. This process involves flushing the tank of any sediment.

Yet another good solution is to add a water softener in ones home. A water softener is going to take out minerals from the water prior to it entering the water heater, noticeably decreasing sediment build up.

Do not wait to let us know if this or some other kind of problem is happening with your Baltimore water heater so we can provide remedies soon.